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Reliable Chimney Sweeping Service

Simply Sweep is based in the Leckhampton area of Cheltenham and provides a Professional Chimney Sweeping service for anyone with an Open Fire Inglenook, Log Burner,AGA Rayburn.

We also provide CCTV inspections, Bird Nest Removal, Cowl Fitting/Replacement

All work is carried out in a Clean and Professional manner and comes with a Certificate that is fully Insurance backed

Areas Covered include Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud, Tewkesbury. Cirencester and the surrounding Cotswolds

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Chimney Sweep

Reliable Chimney Sweeping Service

Professional Chimney Sweeping Services

Log Burners

SimplySweep can sweep all makes and models of Log Burners

On Average Log burners are 80% more efficient than the 20% efficiency of an open fire, with some newer models now being 90% more efficient making them more in demand than ever before.

Please advise during booking if yours is a wood burner or multi fuel burner

On average It takes 45-60 minutes to complete each sweep and

Costs involved for sweeping open fires and log burners with liner fitted are £55 for the first appliance followed by £35 for every other appliance at the same address.

Log Burners that are not fully lined  £65



Birds Nest Removal & Cowl Fitting

Some breed of bird especially the Jackdaw have a tendency to like chimneys as there nesting site and over time the nest becomes bigger and bigger eventually blocking all draft entering your chimney causing smoke to enter your home and a  possible fire hazard, so its very important to have any bird nest blockage removed as soon as possible so that you can safely use your appliance and a mesh cowl fitted to stop any birds entering in the future.

Prices for cowl fitting vary, depending on cowl requirements and if scaffolding is required to access your chimney pots.

The starting prise to install a cowl is £120

So please contact us for a quote.

If you do not intend to use your fireplace its a good idea to have a blanking cowl fitted, this will stop any rain & birds from entering your chimney to nest but will still allow draft to enter stopping any built up of damp in your chimney 


If birds are nesting in your chimney its against the Law to disturb them whilst they are sat on eggs/chicks, this is generally from the end of February until August

Costs involved for removing a bird nest start at £65 for the first hour followed by £15 for every 15 minutes their after, the costs involved for nest clearing include cctv inspection to make sure all nesting material is removed 


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chimney pics 007.JPG

CCTV Inspection

If You are thinking of opening up an old fireplace that hasn't been used for a long time or having a new log burner installed or to check for any bird nest issues its worthwhile having a simple CCTV Inspection of your old chimney to check for any damage, corrosion or brickwork collapse that could have taken place over the years of non-use

Cost involved for a basic CCTV inspection £55

Cost involved for a full CCTV inspection £110

for external examination of your chimney via Drone add £50



Open Fires & Inglenooks

Since Humans first  roamed the Earth and lived in caves we have had a fascination with fire, whether is was used for Light, Warmth or cooking this has pretty much remained the same until present day Lighting an open fire is still has popular today as it has ever been, with new builds still having chimneys fitted into living rooms.

Depending on the size of your Inglenook will affect the time and price to sweep your appliance

Standard open fires £55 each

Starting price to sweep Inglenooks £150, [please note this price can rise drastically depending on the size and condition of your chimney and time taken to sweep]



Smoke Test

Its Very important that after each sweep we proceed to do a smoke test to ensure that the appropriate draft is present in your flue system.

There are two types of smoke test available

Type 2 test

This is integrated into the price of your sweep and involves heating up your appliance after its been swept, and burning a smoke pellet to check that the chimney will evacuate the smoke/gases freely up your appliance and not down into your room

Type 1 test

Takes longer and involves sealing your chimney from the top and bottom, releasing several smoke pellets and checking each room in your home including your attic space, and the stack for an smoke leaking from the chimney, we also check the condition and integrity of your chimney stack, crown and pots

COSTS may vary depending  if scaffolding is required to access the chimney stack


Whatever the job, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now.

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You’ve Got Questions — I’ve Got Answers

If you have not had a chimney swept before or are unsure of anything please Check out the list of common questions below and let me know if you’d like more information.

  • Why should I get my Appliance Swept
    To maintain the safety of your family and the property, just like when you get your gas boiler serviced annually, its the same for a working chimney. Also If your chimney is being used its a requirement by your Home insurance company that you have it professionally swept
  • How long does an average sweep take?
    On average around an one hour is adequate to sweep most open fires & log burners etc but sometimes complication can arise that can take longer to solve
  • How often should I get my appliance swept
    Chimneys with solid fuel appliances /smokeless fuels=at least once a year Domestic bituminous coal at least twice a year Wood burning Every three months when in use Chimneys with Gas appliances once a year + checked by a Gas Safe Technician Chimneys with Oil appliances Once a year + checked by an OFTEC Technician CHIMNEYS SHOULD NOT BE CLEANED BY VACUME ALONE BRUSHES MUST BE USED ​
  • Do i need to do anything prior to being swept
    Please make sure that your appliance is completely cold and that no hot embers are present in the fire. please remove all ornaments from the surrounding area
  • Will sweeping my chimney leave a mess
    We go out of our way to make sure that your home is left as clean as possible after each Sweep has taken place. The majority of the time is spent preparing the area, covering the fire pit and taping up any gaps that we fine so that soot cannot escape into your home. During and After the sweep has taken place all soot will be vacuumed up into a commercial vacuum cleaner with special HEPA filters and then disposed of, into your waist bin
  • Will sweeping my appliance be noisy
    The simple answer is YES we use Commercial Vacuum cleaners fitted with special HEPA filters that trap all of the micro soot particles.
  • Will I receive a Certificate after the sweep is finished
    Yes you will receive an Insurance backed Certificate of Chimney Sweeping proving that your chimney has been brush swept in accordance with BSEN 15287-1:2007+A1:2010

Burn Right Campaign

Its very important that you know what is right and wrong to burn in your Open fire or Log Burner.

Burn right is a campaign to educate open fire/log burner users on the right fuel to use in their appliance, whether it be smokeless fuel to seasoned kiln dried fire wood.

For more information Check out


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